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 Prospit - the golden moon

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PostSubject: Prospit - the golden moon   Prospit - the golden moon EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 9:59 pm

Prospit - the golden moon VKnvHF6
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PostSubject: Re: Prospit - the golden moon   Prospit - the golden moon EmptyFri Apr 15, 2016 8:00 pm

The Royal Priest sat down at his desk, book of forbidden Desite Magic in his hand. He glanced around to make sure nobody was around before cracking open the book.
"It's just to learn what I'm up against," he convinces himself, looking through the first couple of pages, looking over the various illustrations of Horrorterrors and Eldritch runes before hearing someone clear their throat in front of him.

Panicking, he quickly shoves the book off of the desk.

"HI, YES, MAY I HELP YOU?" he asked, freaking out before noticing it was just a Parcel Mistress delivering a letter. "Oh, it's you." He sighed in relief, taking the letter. He read over the envelope, which stated that it was an urgent matter to be delivered to the King. "I'll make sure this gets to him," the Priest said, dismissing the pawn. He pondered over the contents of the letter which would cause it to be considered urgent.

RP stood up from his seat, and went to pick up his book, placing it neatly in a pocket on the inside of his robe. No need for anyone else to find the illicit literature. Fixing his robe, he walks into the throne room to greet the White King.

Only to find out he was gone. The queen sat on the throne instead.
"Y-your Majesty," the Bishop started, bowing, "Where is the king? There's an urgent message that mus-"

The queen interrupts, dismissively mentioning him going off to the battlefield.

RP winced. The battlefield was definitely the last place he wanted to go. He could probably send a pawn off to there to deliver the letter. He curses himself for sending off the Parcel Mistress. No, an untrained pawn would more likely get themselves killed then be able to deliver the message. He thanked the Queen, then left. He went back to his desk, filling out a slip to allow himself access to  ride in a prospit ship heading towards the battlefield.

He picked up his staff that was leaning on the desk, and left to go find the King.

Death greets you to his signature.
He asks if you would like to play a game.
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Prospit - the golden moon
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